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Whatever your reason for making contact, psychotherapy can help you understand what you are going through and support you as you face difficult thoughts and feelings. Nobody is exempt from finding life overwhelming at times. It can feel that your anxiety or feelings of depression have reached unbearable levels. You might even feel in crisis.

You might be struggling with a specific problem. But sometimes it is not so obvious what is going wrong. People have sought help from me for a wide range of reasons such as:

  • General feelings of hopelessness and despair

  • Feeling depressed, flat, lonely or isolated

  • Feeling hyper-tense, anxious or fearful

  • Finding it hard to make or sustain good relationships

  • Wanting to gain a better understanding of themselves

  • Feelings related to loss such as bereavement or divorce

  • Sexual concerns

  • Difficulties dealing with anger

  • Addiction issues

  • Difficulties originating in family conflicts

You might recognize yourself in one or more of the above… or it might be something else entirely.

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