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I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist with over 10 years clinical experience. I work full-time seeing individual adult clients (only) and I hope that my approach is experienced as warm, non-judgmental and relational. Whatever has led you to look for a therapist today, my view is that current persistent difficulties in life have their roots in the past. And I believe that it is only by getting underneath these symptoms and trying to understand where they come from that real and lasting change can take place, i.e. it’s no good giving the car a respray if the engine needs attention!


My aim as a therapist is to develop a warm relationship based on trust so that gradually you would come to view therapy as at least one safe space where you can be you without filters. And as you establish one such person in your life you would be in a position to export that relationship into your life outside the safety of the consulting room.


You might be struggling with a specific problem. But sometimes it is not so obvious what is going wrong. People have sought help from me for a wide range of reasons such as:

  • General feelings of hopelessness and despair 

  • Feeling depressed, flat, lonely or isolated 

  • Feeling hyper-tense, anxious or fearful 

  • Not feeling anything at all, numbness

  • Finding it hard to make or sustain good relationships 

  • Wanting to gain a better understanding of themselves 

  • Feelings related to loss such as bereavement or divorce 

  • Sexual concerns 

  • Difficulties dealing with anger 

  • Addiction issues 

  • Difficulties originating in family conflicts 

  • Issues relating to a partner 

  • Tendency to ‘people-please”, or exert control over others. 

You might recognize yourself in one or a combination of the above… or it might be something else entirely.

Psychotherapy can of course be challenging, but it is also enormously rewarding (and life-changing) as you come gradually to self-understanding. And with self-understanding comes personal growth and increased inner confidence. 


Please do get in touch to set up an initial meeting. I think that therapy is better conducted in person rather than online if at all possible. There is really no substitute for experiencing first-hand how a session feels and choosing a therapist that you feel you can trust and work with is essential. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Simon Greenwood psychotherapist



Simon Greenwood

21 St John's Terrace,
East Sussex,

Tel; 07966 554219   




I originally undertook a rigorous four-year training at WPF Therapy, considered one of the leading academic and clinical institutions in Britain, accredited by both BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). 

I am a member of the BPC (British Psychoanalytical Council) and FPC (Foundation for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Simon Greenwood's consulting room in Lewes
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